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 1.Certificate Inspection

 2.Leave of Absence Application Processing

 3.Processing School Withdrawals

 4. Refund & Compensation

 5.Process the General Books

 6.Year-End Accounting of Revenue and Expenditures

 7.Posting to the Books

 8.Transaction Documentation

 9.Assist Year-End Accounting

 10.Explaining the Differences Between the Budget Year-End Accounting

 11.Budgeted Funds Distribution

 12.Classifying purchase Requests

 13.Procurement Data Entry

 14.Processing Applications for Ministry of Educations Loan Subsidies

 15.Handle Subsidies for Overall Development

 16.Submit Monthly Update to Main Database

 17.Managing Grant & Subsidy Accounts and Supervision Information

 18.Distribute Funds of Faculty and Staffs

 19.Distribute Funds to Students

 20.Handle Taiwan Projects Granted by the Science council